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  • Hi my name is Kelly i have heard great things on products i have combination skin and its been hard of trying or getting products that will hell my skin i would love to try samples i am on a very tight budget i its been need help with eye cream anti aging please help thank uou

    • Hi Cindy -May I ask how old the bird is that is exhibiting the behavior? Unfortunately one of the first outward symptoms of Marek’s is high stepping – however leg mites could also be the culprit – let’s assume this is the issue – if you take a small amount of tea tree oil & eucalyptus and apply it to the leg shank for a week (2 or 3x daily) if it is leg mites you will see improvement. This is also how you treat lice in kids naturally.

      If the weather is warm where you are I would bathe the bird in a mild sulphate free soap with the tea tree / eucalyptus combination included, then treat the leg. If it is mites, it is most likely not only in the legs. I hope that helps! Do keep me posted!


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