Spring Pics with Chicks – Five Questions to ask before Booking

Spring Pics With Chicks – 5 questions to ask before booking Daylight savings time is here, and besides a week of waking up late and being groggy, we also get to enjoy an extra hour of daylight.  The snow is starting to melt and the sun begins to feel nice instead of distant. With Easter around the corner, many of us with small children are getting geared up for Spring pictures.  There is nothing cuter […]

6 Natural Methods to Combat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

6 Natural Methods to Beat the Winter Blues   So you made it through the holidays, surviving visits from your  in-laws and crazy aunt Betty.    January arrived and you celebrated the new year, even kept your resolution (for a while).      As we enter into February restlessness starts to settle in.       The days are short and the nights are long.   Motivation evaporates and it can be hard to get out of […]

Natural Tips To Love the Sun & Beat the Burn!

I was at an outdoor business meeting enjoying the sunshine and getting a ton of work done.  Unfortunately I did not have adequate sun protection and ended up with a sunburn right in the middle of my back.   I could not reach it to moisturize, and it itched like crazy!   I am usually quite diligent with sun protection, and make my own sunscreen, but didn’t think that the fashionable striped tears on the […]

Quit Picking on our Backyard Flocks!

We seem to be moving at the speed of light these days.  Between changes in government, global concerns, and trade there is A LOT for the news agencies to cover.     Yet somehow with all of the turmoil CNN finds time to pick on our friends, the backyard flock.     They reported a story on an salmonella outbreak and mentioned how cuddling your backyard flock can make you sick.     As the mother of 16 hens […]

Color and Personality Traits

Do you have a favorite color?  Many of us do – There are some interesting opinions out there regarding your favorite color and how they are linked to personality traits.  Color auras and personality traits have been around for years and are considered a valuable tool in leadership development.   True Colors is a personality profiling system that was created by Don Lowry back in 1978.   It is the basis behind the popular Myers-Brigg personality […]