Fall Lip Care

While the snow is beautiful and the season is full of fun festivities, the upcoming winter air can be extremely hard on your lips and skin. In addition to not being cosmetically pleasing, dry lips can be super painful! Ever tried to eat something salty when you had a lip split? Ouch!The air is drier in the winter, which definitely has some benefits (no more humidity and frizzy hair!), but that dry air can be […]

Aromatherapy, a Powerful Healing Tool!

    Natural healing with aromatherapy! View this email in your browser Aromatherapy, a Powerful Healing Tool! Essential oils have long been heralded as natures answer to everything from insomnia to cancer, but what is is about these precious herbal essences that makes it such a powerful ally?  We can thank our sense of smell.   Have you ever caught the scent of a freshly made pie and it made you smile?   How about […]

Seasons are changing – so is your skin!

    The season change brings about dry skin – read on to combat it naturally! View this email in your browser Fall & Winter Sensitive Skin Relief As the temperatures drop and the leaves start to fall many of us are enjoying the break in humidity and the crisp autumn air.   Unfortunately not all of us are enjoying the weather change.   Fall and winter are historically dry.  The lack of moisture in […]

Beauty Resolutions

Skin and Beauty Resolutions   Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to healthful routines. New Year’s resolutions need not be just about nutrition and weight loss. Your skin’s health matters, too. In preparation for Spring, and in order to keep yourself busy during the last part of winter, include a daily skin routine. Here are some helpful skin and beauty resolutions:   Exfoliate! In order to get your skin to […]