Color and Personality Traits

Do you have a favorite color?  Many of us do - There are some interesting opinions out there regarding your favorite color and how they are linked to personality traits.  Color auras and personality traits have been around for years and are considered a valuable tool in leadership development.   True Colors is a personality profiling system that was created by Don Lowry back in 1978.   It is the basis behind the popular Myers-Brigg personality test for leadership development.    They started with 4 colors, but then found that just like the color wheel - other favorite colors blend traits of the primary wheel.  These traits are not set in stone, they are more tendencies and are part of self-awareness.   Color personality is also linked to emotional intelligence.  Self-awareness is the cornerstone to the emotional intelligence trend and it is beneficial for both personal and business development.

Typically when self-analyzing using color preferences one chooses a favorite, and a second favorite color - these two make up primary and secondary strengths and opportunities.    It's easy to apply these tools to others, but much more difficult to apply it to ones self.    Personally I am a certified emotional intelligence coach and have taken all of the tests mentioned above and I STILL find it easier to apply the skills to others instead of looking in the mirror (old habits die hard eh? 🙂 )

Lowry tells us that there are 4 color traits, however I believe that if you have a favorite color, it won't necessarily be primary - it will be a combination.    Therefore if you fall into the primary then you are all set, but let's say your favorite color is violet - violet is a red and a blue mix - so therefore you take on traits of both of these combinations.    The shade of violet that is preferred shows the dominate traits (red or blue).   Make sense?  so think about the colors that draw you, that just feel right.   Pick out your favorite and lets look at some of the common traits associated with others that have the same favorite color.    disclaimer - this is not medical advice nor do I claim to be a medical professional.  The chart below is for entertainment purposes only that keeps the lawyers happy 🙂 

RedReds are all about results.    They are often depended on as a leader and are very goal oriented.  They have a knack of getting their own way regardless of the cost.   Reds are usually optimistic and are adept at taking challenges and turning them into achievements.    They seem to have an unlimited amount of energy to draw on and may have often been asked "when do you sleep?"   Red is very strong willed and hard working.    On the flip side that same strength can be seen as ruthlessness and they have the tendency to dominate, which can cause problems both personally and professionally.   Reds love change, almost too much - they have an impulsive side that can be destructive if one is not mindful of it. 

Orange - Orange takes on the traits of red and yellow - Oranges are energetic and are the "thrill-seekers" of the color spectrum.   They are often entrepreneurs or in sales and the first to try out something - They are optimistic and are often seen as uplifting-  passing their emotional strength onto others.   Alternatively oranges get bored easily, which can make relationships tough.  They are super-competitive and can appear to be selfish, though that is rarely the case - it is just the orange being orange.   Orange personalities like to indulge - so if this is your favorite color you may be prone to "phases" - diet phase, exercise phase, yoga phase.   Also, you may be prone to over indulging so be careful at parties.

Yellow - The head of the social group, the one that always has a smile - yellows are bright, funny and always seem to know how to avoid getting spaghetti sauce on a white shirt (I am NOT a yellow).   They are excellent in social situations and prefer crowds.    They have a love for life that draws others to them.   Yellows have a dry sense of humor and can be perceived as judgemental.   Their no-nonsense approach can make them appear aloof, though that is not really the case.  Many times yellows suffer from bouts of anxiety and don't do well when they are alone.

Green - Greens are all about growth, they are very connected to nature and are often animal lovers.   They take on the yellow and blue traits and are often teachers or work with others.    Greens are the peacemakers - they love the balance and they love a mission, especially a philanthropic one.  This same love for peace can lead to indecision.    Many times greens have a hard time making a major decision.  They are famous for always being "on the fence".    When a green has a mission they are unstoppable, but without one, they can become easily depressed and lack motivation.

Blue - A blue will stand by your side no matter what - they are loyal and generous.    A blue has a way of knowing how others feel simply by being around them.  They have very strong maternal instincts and are happiest when they are helping others (whether it be people, plants or animals).   Blues are dreamers and strive to see the best in everyone.     Unfortunately blues can sometimes be a bit too trusting and are hurt easily.    Their empathetic abilities can overwhelm them at times so blues are known to go through bouts of depression.

Violet - Talk about polar opposites - Violets have the tendencies of the red and the blues.    They can give a speech without preparation, they are charismatic and know how to motivate.   Violets are often leaders, especially if they can harness the blue strengths.   At the same time violets love space - they need space and do not tolerate confinement- this can affect relationships.   A violet is their own worst critic and if not kept in check can affect their self-esteem.   While they are not striving to be the center of attention, they do take over conversations and can appear to be overbearing and dominate.  

Black - Now many leave out black and white, but these are valid and have their own meanings.    Those with the favorite color of black are the protectors.  They are great at keeping secrets and seem to know something no one else does.   Sometimes this is accurate sometimes it is by design as those who love black keep things tight to the vest.    They are trustworthy and hardworking, but can seem aloof because they tend to be more introverted.   the negative side of a situation will be more apparent to someone who's favorite color is black before the positive.

White - Those that love white are similar to our blue and yellow friends.    Whites value purity above all else and they are very clinical.  Whites have learned to trust their intuition and prefer the company of plants and animals to people.    They are in tune with their spiritual side, but don't necessarily have the patience to bring it out in others.    Whites are drawn to extremes.   They will either love something or be completely repulsed by it.  There is no middle ground.


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