"...The patient died the following day. She died having her wish fulfilled thanks to these wonderful people and his amazing bird. I have never looked upon chickens and roosters the same way since that day..."

- Cleveland Clinic's Avon Hospital Pain Education Coordinator


"...At this point in our Mom’s sickness, she was under a Morphine dose that kept her sedated. Even though she was not responsive, our family knows she loved her moment with Winston. The tragedy we endured was lifted, even for a few minutes, when Winston was with us. My grandmother especially had a special connection with him..."

- A Forever Facebook Friend

"I can't thank you and your son enough for the joy you brought to my residents and our staff. We look forward to having you back next week!! Thank you so much! We can't stop talking about it!"

- Ohio Living Breckenridge Village

Winston at Mayfield Schools!

From 13:48 to 16:00 spotlights Winston and FreeRange SkinCare Founder, Sandy Bontempo.