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FREERANGE SKINCARE was born shortly after my first child who was only 4 months old when he was diagnosed with severe eczema.  Unable to accept the prognosis that only steroids would cure the condition, I worked with my Grandmother to develop a skincare regimen that would control the outbreaks.  We succeeded in treating the eczema and minimizing the outbreaks.  

The next breakthrough was when I told my youngest son could not have pets due to his allergies.  Upon realizing that chickens would be safe for him, we built a coop in our backyard and fell in love with our feathered babies.  These happy, healthy hens laid some exceptionally healthy eggs… lots of them.  Soon we had more eggs than we knew what to do with.  In applying my background in chemistry with my generational knowledge of soap and lotion making and love of free-range egg, I created a skincare line so powerful that we have since cured my eldest son’s eczema.   

Discovering the power of this little miracle package, led me to create a full line of cosmetic skincare products.  Through years of research and testing, FREERANGE SKINCARE has matured into a line of ethical skincare solutions that do not compromise quality. 

- Sandy Bontempo
President, and Founder of FREERANGE SKINCARE

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For the Love of Chickens

Your purchase funds the rescue, care, and rehabilitation of ex-battery hens