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Nearly two decades ago, Sandra Bontempo, President and Founder of FreeRange SkinCare, was desperate to find a remedy for her son’s eczema. She tried dozens of over-the-counter skincare products without result, so she decided to make her own, putting her family’s holistic skincare knowledge to work. Using her background in chemistry combined with her love of chickens, Sandra began experimenting with adding her backyard eggs to her son’s skincare products. The products resulted in a halt in her son’s eczema condition. A significant breakthrough, she knew she was onto something, and her skincare line was hatched.

FreeRange SkinCare’s foundation is built on the knowledge of four generations of holistic soap and lotion makers combined with the scientifically proven benefits of pasture-raised freerange egg to create an all-natural cocktail of vitamins, peptides, proteins and enzymes that truly deliver healthier, younger looking skin. Since its launch, it’s evolved from an emerging product line of eczema treatments to an established wellness brand offering topical solutions formulated to nourish and protect the skin from head to toe.

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For the Love of Chickens

Your purchase funds the rescue, care, and rehabilitation of ex-battery hens