The basis of FreeRange is how the nutrients in egg can help improve the overall health of your skin and aid in alleviating sensitive skin issues.     I thought that I would provide more detail as to how the chicken egg, this amazing perfect package created by nature is able to accomplish all of this.

It all starts with understanding the composition of our skin and the purpose each layer serves.  Today’s post focuses on the top layer, our shield, the Epidermis

Epidermis (top layer) – this is the top layer of skin and is our protector.   It is designed to be a barrier to contaminants and contains no blood vessels.  It receives most of its nourishment from the air (your skin breathes) and a small amount from tiny capillaries that extend to the outer layers of the middle layer of the skin (the dermis).  New cells are formed at the base layer of the epidermis (stratum basale layer) and as they mature they move up through the epidermis.  They eventually reach to top of epidermis and are sloughed off (Desqamation).    The process of the cell growth, maturity and hardening to this protective layer is known as Keratinization.   When functioning normally keratinization results in the top layer of our skin staying waterproof, strong and resilient. Biotin is a key component that allows the body to create the keratin filaments that are found in the younger cells as they go through the cell life cycle in the Epidermis.   Keratinization allows us to exfoliate and remove the cells on the superficial layer without damaging the younger cells layers.

Every 28-40 days a new layer of skin cells are born in the epidermis (the stratum basale layer).    As we age, the process of new skin cells being “born” slows and as a result desquamation occurs less frequently.   This is one of the reasons why as we age, skin seems to dull and be less resilient.

Those who suffer from acne have an imbalance of Oleic and Lineolic acids and causes the desquamation process to become dysfunctional.    The imbalance produces more dead skin cells, and they are not properly shed.     This is called hyperkeratosis and is why proper exfoliation is critical for both aging skin and those who suffer from acne.

So how is this connected to the egg?

Studies show that the egg actually stimulates this process through the single chain amino acid absorption:  What is amazing is that ALL of these amino acids are found in high concentrations of eggs that are sourced from pasture-raised chickens.  The egg has the ability to help nearly all skin types and ages.   It is nature’s perfect package!   Not only that – it has been scientifically proven that chickens that are raised humanely has a direct impact on the nutritional benefit of the egg (i.e. the concentration of these single chain amino acids that are so critical to our skin health.)

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